Managed in the right way, data can help you understand what is going on on your website and help reach your performance goals. Let our specialists help find out your website’s potential.


AdBirds’ website and analytics optimisation team has many years of experience working at Google with analytics and is responsible for the development of many of the features you see in Google Analytics today. We specialise in Google Analytics implementations across desktop and mobile sites, as well as apps

01. Data Collection

  • Understand what’s really going on in your app / website
  • Best practice implementation, status quo audits
  • Enriched your data to add business meaning and context to it via custom dimensions and metrics
  • Track cross-device changes during customer journeys
  • Unlock business insights via Google Analytics’ powerful Enhanced Ecommerce functionality

02. Tag Management

  • Increase the agility of your marketing team
  • Quickly launch new marketing campaigns
  • Reduce your website’s load time
  • Hand over valuable data points
  • Future-proof your website by using tags
  • Setup and migration of existing tags
  • Workshops and training sessions (Google certified trainers)

03. Unlock Business Insights via Google Analytics

  • Checkout process metrics
  • Ratios between page views
  • Return rate is per product / category / brand

04. Measuring & Reporting

  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Create and automate custom dashboards
  • Analyse your data
  • Data driven culture training
  • Technical training for your developers and IT staff

05. Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 can provide you with the tools to better understand your customers. You can then use those insights to take actions, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists and more. The AdBirds GA360 team can help you with the following:

  • Provision of GA360 licence
  • Migration of properties to GA360
  • Training to get value out of GA360

Data Warehousing

The implementation of a Data Warehouse system will enable you to make the most of your business data. It will help you integrate data from multiple sources into a single database and data model, it will improve data quality, maintain data history, provide a single common data model, restructure data in order to deliver query performance and organise and disambiguate repetitive data. The AdBirds Data Warehousing team can help you with the following:

  • Data modeling
  • Adding data sources in a warehouse
  • Data transformation
  • Reporting automation

Dashboarding in Power BI and Google Data Studio

Both Microsoft’s Power BI and Google Data Studio are business intelligence tools that can help build dashboards and reports from various data sources in order to measure performance and visualise data and patterns. The AdBirds team can help you with the following.

  • Wireframing sessions for optimal visualisation
  • Dashboard development
  • Complex data querying
  • Reporting automation
  • Training for Power Users

Google Marketing Platform AdBirds DMP / DSP

Programmatic Advertising or Programmatic Buying helps you craft targeted campaigns for increasing your customer reach.It’s a constantly evolving advertising solution for reaching your audience, that includes online ads, streaming video, digital audio, Connected TV and more.

At AdBirds, we have created a Programmatic cluster headed by a former Googler with 10+ years of experience leading tech, sales and services teams in major markets. AdBirds is committed to bringing the best in class support and thought leadership to its clients within the ever-evolving Programmatic services space. Relying on a robust team of seasoned executives and account managers is the best way to provide sound recommendations on tech providers, industry best-practices, goal-setting advice and end-to-end support.

How does Programmatic Advertising work?

Make the most of your budget by enabling a programmatic strategy that delivers your audience-based campaign message to the right user, at the right time and in the right context at the most effective cost per impression. A slew of user data can be used to infuse your future campaigns by building your own data lake with as many data sources as you want and automating the campaign management, buying and analytics processes.

By shifting to Programmatic Advertising you are embracing the future of advertising, cutting the middleman, and correctly valuing the user data your own campaigns and your websites are generating. No one knows your users and your business better than you, so move from a black-box short-term model to a fully transparent long-term model by managing your video and display buys programmatically, and reap the benefits of the data you generate.

How can Programmatic help grow your business online?

A repeat customer is 2x more valuable than a new customer, and you can spend 1/10th of the budget to re-engage them. That’s a ton of efficiency gains for your business that can be triggered by working programmatically. You can cut through the silos when handling your video and display campaigns, and create a repository of your own user data to build more robust targeting profiles that will make your ad dollars work harder for you.

Besides the data and targeting efficiencies, you can really streamline the operational aspects of your display and video buying by using a one-stop solution to automate the day-to-day management of your programmatic campaigns end-to-end, saving you thousands of dollars

on otherwise redundant activities.

AdBirds has established a partnership with Datawrkz that allows us to offer two Programmatic solutions:

01. Display and Video 360 (DV360)

Part of the Google Marketing Platform Stack, the DV360 DSP allows you to leverage Google’s advertising inventory to the fullest extent. In addition to the inventory you get through Google Ads, you can Programmatically target YouTube impressions across various devices – including internet connected TVs. In addition, you get access to exclusive Google audiences and the cross-platform measurement and attribution solution that is the hallmark of the GMP Stack.


Datawrkz’s Proprietary Trading Desk Platform, Vizibl’s self-serve environment offers a nimble combination of Programmatic inventory, flexible targeting options, and ease of use. The platform also has seamless integration with Datawrkz’s Customer Data Platform – a tool that allows you to capture first party audience from your website, integrate this with offline data sources such as your CRM, create custom pools of users by querying across the combined data lake, and push these custom segments to the DSP through a 1-click process.

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AdBirds’ data-driven approach has enabled us to focus on scaling our activities efficiently. Their global/local dedicated team have demonstrated strong expertise as well as a deep understanding of local language and culture, helping us to achieve local relevance while maintaining global strategic alignment.”

Nathalie Bojkow, Global Team Head, Digital Marketing E-commerce, PUMA

AdBirds has successfully implemented all our digital campaigns and further improved our, already high, conversion ratios. Their data-driven approach secures outcomes which are fully aligned with our commercial strategy. Their carefully selected team works hand-in-hand with us to fully tailor each campaign, making them an invaluable in-house resource rather than just an agency.”

Antonis Avdelas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

AdBirds has been Google’s valuable partner for years by providing training sessions at Google offices worldwide for the Google Partner Program, including the APAC region. 
The high level expertise and strong Google product knowledge of the AdBirds trainers has always resulted in positive feedback from attendees, which makes it a pleasure to work with AdBirds.”

Head of Marketing APAC N. van Alem

We love the AdBirds no nonsense approach – just great quality people doing what they do best without overpriced “frills”. The account managers really invest time to understand our product and customer. As former Google employees, their knowledge is second to none. Reporting is simple, accurate and to the point. We’re looking forward to working with AdBirds for the long term!

T. Atighetchi, CEO

AdBirds is flexible and provides support 24/7, even on the weekends. Their service level is high and personal. There is daily contact and our accounts are analysed and optimised constantly. An additional advantage is AdBirds’ international character, with ex-Googlers managing accounts in all countries.”

E. Bonar, Global Head of Ecommerce

Thanks to the excellent knowledge and skills of AdBirds we achieved a substantial increase in relevant clicks, impressions, conversions and CTR and at the same time a decrease of CPC and bounce rate. We are especially pleased that AdBirds can provide international support inline with our international guidelines and strategies.”

C. Umbricht, Global Head of Marketing