We provide global reach with a local AdBirds presence customised to your needs and to your local market, culture and business environment. AdBirds uses a unique agency model with a senior management team composed of top level executives from Fortune 500 companies and highly-experienced employees who have worked for the big Internet platforms.

AdBirds combines the deep experience of ex‑Google and Facebook employees and a range of ecommerce experts to provide digital marketing services in more than 60 countries, 68 languages and for 365 days per year.


Former Google and Facebook only

It all started with the innovative idea of linking international companies with a unique talent source, a global network of ex-Google employees (later to be expanded with ex-Facebook staff too), which later became known as “AdBirds”. Members of this network have, for the lack of a better word, a “certificate of approval” from Google or Facebook HR, famous for their high standards and challenging hiring bar. They have received the most profound and challenging training in Google and Facebook’s digital marketing concepts and products and have taken their knowledge to the next level through experience and entrepreneurship, working with a broad range of blue chip brands. Now they are available to help companies grow and expand their online business in the most efficient way across the world.

Flexibility Across
The World

We have adopted a unique way of working in which flexibility plays a central role. Although our team members are spread out across the world, they constantly work together on our global accounts, as well as share knowledge and insights on new ad products and experiences. Our specialists are not tied to a main office. Instead, they have the freedom to travel around and work from any location at any hour.

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Positive Vibes

Giving our people this level of flexibility has resulted in an incredibly positive vibe within our agency and overall happier people. At the same time it ensures that our clients only pay for the actual services we provide, rather than for expensive office space, high-end company cars or pricey pension plans. It gives us the opportunity to provide highly skilled expertise at extremely reasonable costs.