Find out how our team of former Google and former Facebook employees can help use search engine advertising and social media to boost your performance.

Google Ads

Google Ads are perfect for driving sales, new leads, finding new customers or building awareness of your brand. Our group of ex-Google employees are naturally highly experienced at managing Google Ads campaigns and can offer the best advice to make sure your campaigns are fully optimised and meet your goals. We maintain a good relationship with Google in order to be on top of the latest tools and features.

By having our employees in your country, we are able to deliver deep insights into local market conditions and reflect that in the success of your advertising on Google.

GOOGLE ADS has evolved considerably since the days of a simple three-line ad that was on top of the search results or down the right hand side of the page. As smartphones have taken over from desktop or laptop computers as the biggest source of traffic from Google, the ads have been changed to more of a “mobile first” format. They have also become much more complex with the addition of various extensions and extra features. We are able to navigate through Google’s ever-expanding list of new options and love to try out beta features that are suitable for your company.

Also, we go well beyond search and can help with display, video ads on YouTube, mobile advertising, Google Shopping and app promotion.

GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK is a vast set of partner websites that can be an important part of your campaign. Whether it is using your own data for remarketing or choosing targeting from contextual to category or behavioural options, we can make sure your ads get in front of the right people and effectively leverage the huge array of placements available.

Google acquired YouTube back in 2006 and since then, it has become an integral part of the business. As the biggest destination for video on the Web, YouTube advertising is a great way of building awareness of your brand, product or services. Google’s innovative ad formats, such as their skippable ads mean that you only pay for video views that you receive, which is very similar to the principles of search advertising and means your budget is never wasted.

We can build well-targeted video campaigns and make the most of your video assets.

Retail is an ever-growing adopter of ecommerce with huge pureplay businesses like Amazon or eBay competing online with traditional high street retailers like John Lewis or Marks and Spencers. Google Shopping is a speciality ad format aimed at retailers and offers photos and prices and the ability to search via various product attributes. Users can compare products from several online retailers before they make their choice and buy.

Google Shopping is a very good way for ecommerce-enabled retailers to sell their products online, although it can be complex to set up and manage. We are experts at creating Google Shopping feeds and effectively optimising large-scale Google Shopping campaigns.

As well as simple Google Shopping campaigns, we can also help set up and run Smart Shopping campaigns, which allow your ads to automatically reach across many placements on Display, Gmail and YouTube, as well as the Google search pages.

From search ads to display, mobile, video and shopping, AdBirds are your trusted local and global experts for Google advertising.

Microsoft Advertising

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s popular search engine. Microsoft Advertising provides the search ads for their platform. Alongside Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising can help you to reach more of your customers as they search the web and navigate around their network of websites. Popular websites like AOL, Yahoo, MSN and the Wall Street Journal are powered by Microsoft Ads and Bing search.
It is easy to transfer existing Google campaigns and get started with Microsoft Ads and our experienced employees are experts at getting the best from advertising here. It is a great option for extra reach and for getting to a different set of users from Google.


Naver is a South Korean online platform. It was the first web portal in Korea to develop and use its own search engine. Naver has since added a multitude of new services ranging from basic features such as email and news to the world’s first online Q&A platform Knowledge iN. Just as Google dominates search across the US and Europe, Naver is the most prominent search engine in South Korea. Clients looking to advertise in South Korea can tap into our local expertise and we can run their ad campaigns on Naver.


Our local experts can help you advertise on Yahoo, which is the leading search engine in Japan. Whether it is search, display or video we can guide you through the process of getting your campaigns live and reaching valuable customers in the Japanese market.


Baidu is the third biggest search engine in the world and the biggest operator in China. Baidu’s primary advertising product is called Baidu Tuiguang and is similar to Google Ads and AdSense. It is a pay per click advertising platform that allows advertisers to have their ads shown in Baidu search results pages and on other websites that are part of Baidu Union. Our local experts can help you launch your campaigns on Baidu to reach the growing number of wealthy consumers in China.


Yandex is the leading search engine for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and a strong competitor for Google in the region. We can use our local experts to run advertising campaigns on Yandex. Yandex offers a full range of ad options from search to display, mobile, video, audio, location-based targeting and retargeting. If you are looking to reach the vibrant markets of Russia and other eastern European countries, then please get in touch.

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AdBirds’ data-driven approach has enabled us to focus on scaling our activities efficiently. Their global/local dedicated team have demonstrated strong expertise as well as a deep understanding of local language and culture, helping us to achieve local relevance while maintaining global strategic alignment.”

Nathalie Bojkow, Global Team Head, Digital Marketing E-commerce, PUMA

We love the AdBirds no nonsense approach – just great quality people doing what they do best without overpriced “frills”. The account managers really invest time to understand our product and customer. As former Google employees, their knowledge is second to none. Reporting is simple, accurate and to the point. We’re looking forward to working with AdBirds for the long term!

T. Atighetchi, CEO

AdBirds has successfully implemented all our digital campaigns and further improved our, already high, conversion ratios. Their data-driven approach secures outcomes which are fully aligned with our commercial strategy. Their carefully selected team works hand-in-hand with us to fully tailor each campaign, making them an invaluable in-house resource rather than just an agency.”

Antonis Avdelas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

AdBirds has helped us to grow our revenue >2000% ! This was mainly thanks to the correct implementation of Google Premium Analytics and the great local support by their ex-Google account managers for eight different countries. AdBirds’ direct contact with local Google offices and being available seven days a week contributed to our online success.

L. Elzinga, CEO

AdBirds has been Google’s valuable partner for years by providing training sessions at Google offices worldwide for the Google Partner Program, including the APAC region. 
The high level expertise and strong Google product knowledge of the AdBirds trainers has always resulted in positive feedback from attendees, which makes it a pleasure to work with AdBirds.”

Head of Marketing APAC N. van Alem

I am very satisfied with the work done not only for the results but for the kindness and teamwork. Both David and Erick are always available upon request and consultation. I consider a key piece for the development of Lacoste in the region.”

J. Schneider, Global VP Digital